See Your Doctor Without Leaving The Bed Using DocChat

When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is probably the first thing that you should do – see a doctor.


Nobody wants to deal with leaving the house and traveling and waiting in a crowded room of other miserable people, making a huge effort when, guaranteed, rest is essential to feeling better.


Obviously, there are conditions that require visiting the doctor in person. Lots of times, however, a doctor takes all of two minutes to look at you and ask a few questions (after you’ve waited hours – or weeks! – for your appointment) before filling out a prescription and sending you on your suffering way. The trudge to the doctor’s office feels wasteful and painful. This system stinks.


DocChat lets patients see a doctor in 15 minutes or less, via smartphone, tablet or computer. Fifteen minutes! Without leaving home or bed! Wow, this kind of convenience might nudge even those stubborn souls that need to be at death’s door before calling for help to dial up the doc.


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Instead of venturing to the doctor, DocChat connects patients to fully licensed physicians for audio, text, or real-time video consultations. If medication is in order, the doctor can write a prescription directly from the app and send it to the pharmacy for same-day pickup.


Not only does DocChat eliminate the tortures of the office visit, but it gives sickies on-demand access to a doctor around the clock – putting an end to those horrible hours of enduring discomfort until the doctor is in, which needlessly prolongs recovery. What’s more, DocChat gives patients a week to ask follow-up questions without being charged extra.


The only thing worse than heading to the doctor when you’re sick? Going when you’re healthy! DocChat spares us those routine checkups that cost us a lot and rarely prove useful. Or, say you merely need a prescription refill. A DocChat consultation facilitates this quickly without all the fuss.



DocChat is available on desktop and for download in both the App Store and Google Play. The startup offers a choice of paying for one-time calls or signing up for monthly plans. A huge perk of a year-long commitment ($50 per month) is that loved ones under 18 may be added to the account for free.


On-demand access to a doctor 24/7, consultations from the comfort of wherever you are, prescriptions sent to the pharmacy automatically… suddenly it feels as though it hasn’t been the doctor we’ve dreaded all along but the process of seeing the doctor.


Sweet relief. Find out more about how DocChat cures consultation woes at


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