Europe Has A New Digital Payment Processing Champion: SecurionPay

How important is smooth processing of digital payments to the success of an online retailer? Lucas D. Jankowiak, Co-Founder and CEO of SecurionPay, sums things up succinctly: “If you’re operating in the online retail space in the twenty-first century, it really is a no-brainer that if you’re not delivering an exceptional user experience or navigable interface, you can bet your customers will go elsewhere, and your bottom line will suffer as a result.”




Delays in transactions, sending customers to a third-party payment platform, will almost certainly result in abandoned shopping carts. Few would argue this logic, but it’s easy to forget that processing digital payments proves a complicated sticking point for plenty of businesses. The European market in particular is glued to using old models.


Or so was the case before SecurionPay came along. Gearing up to become Europe’s answer to Stripe, SecurionPay enables businesses to easily implement card paying services on their websites and mobile apps.



SecurionPay offers buyers a seamless purchasing experience, protected by 3D Secure. The company reports clients enjoying average conversion increases of around 20%. Key features of the software include:

  • Accept payments in 160 currencies
  • Checkout translated into 23 languages
  • Access to the best European acquiring banks
  • Settlement in the 24 major European currencies
  • Powerful API to make the implementation for developers as smooth and easy as possible.
  • Simple but unique drag-and-drop implementation option for non-technical entrepreneurs
  • “Remember me” feature for frequent shoppers
  • Related item recommendations for increased sales


Determined to be the best payment processing solution in Europe, SecurionPay plans to continue innovating. Their latest technology, “Cross-Sales”, helps online businesses boost their sales by engaging with customers immediately after checkout and offer products or services directly related to the shopper’s initial purchase.


Jankowiak adds, “We want to make sure you’re not only doing it [online payment processing] right, but doing it really well. Because when you are, not only will your customers appreciate and thank you for it, your business will flourish.”




Ready to embrace the more frictionless, contactless future of digital payments? Eager to improve your site’s UX and increase your conversion rates – without adding any software headaches? Discover how SecurionPay can help your business grow at


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