SecuredBOX – It’s Never Been So Easy To Protect Your Online Business

No one likes to worry about online security. Most business owners take it on faith that the services they rely on are safe, which is understandable: There’s already too much to think about. You could drive yourself crazy reflecting on all the hackers out there and never get a thing done. But, unfortunately, the do-nothing approach is also dangerous for your livelihood.


A much healthier approach is to do very little and then enjoy complete peace of mind and total security. How is this possible, you ask?


SecuredBOX is a device that ensures all of your data and communication remain safely yours.


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Before getting into the details, it’s worth mentioning that it saves a lot of mental energy to conduct various aspects of your business (phone calls, file transfers, etc.) through a single, comprehensive security tool. It’s too easy to lose track of which apps have encryption, bank level security, etc. – and then you have to multiply your own concerns on top of wondering how your partners and clients handle security? No thanks.


SecuredBOX has you covered. Period. With SecuredBOX, you can store all of your data and breathe easier knowing that it’s AES encrypted. It’s also maintained on two hard drives, so there’s a back up should you ever need to recover files. Instead of the vulnerable, public cloud, your data is stored both in a private cloud and physically – and should your SecuredBox be stolen, God forbid, no one can infiltrate your data without your personal access key.


Video-conference calls for up to 16 people are also kept safe from prying eyes and ears with SecuredBOX. Think of all the potential points of security breach in play with 16 people talking and sharing information. SecuredBOX ensures conversations stay private and that no data that isn’t intended to be shared will leave the call.


What’s more, SecuredBOX includes a file-drop system that allows team members, clients – everyone you do business with – to have a safe website to drop and deliver files. This allows for easy and private exchanges, without needing to worry about formatting or hunting for another service. You and your customers can get down to business safely and quickly.


It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent contractor, small business owner, or an expanding enterprise: SecuredBOX has the right fitting solution for you. And to protect all of your communication and data, all you have to do is connect your SecuredBOX to your WiFi or Ethernet. It’s that simple. So, no excuses for not tightening up your security today.


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