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Searching For A Credit Card Processor That Won’t Rip You Off?

Any small or medium sized business that sells a product knows that credit card processing fees are the worst. There are hidden fees on top of the already exorbitant fees that the companies charge, taking a serious bite out of your monthly intake. When a company is new or just starting up, those fees can mean the difference between making it to the next month and not.


But how do you know which credit card processors are the best? How do you know who’s going to scalp you and who’s straight up? How can you find the best credit card processor that fits your bootstrapped budget?


MerchantNegotiators is one site that helps SMB owners find the best credit card processor for their company. The site includes over 40 credit card processors that users can search based on different filters. MerchantNegotiators has pre-negotiated the best deals ahead of time from these companies, which means the exclusive savings get passed directly on to the consumer and searching and comparing takes mere minutes – we know you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, founder.


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Business owners can search based on price, transaction and business types, processors that are industry specialists, and based on whether or not they’re a high risk industry. The process is quick, simple, and could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


Oh yeah, and it’s totally free.


Customer testimonials on the site speak to how easy it is to use – and how much you could potentially save.


“We were able to compare 3 different credit card [processing] companies,” said Dr. Amber Pedlar, DDS. “It took 10 minutes, we picked one, and were able to save $3,000 dollars.”


Not bad, huh?


SMBs—startups included—have enough to deal with without having to be taken to the cleaners by their credit card processors. Cut costs, potentially save thousands per month, and extend that runway into infinity with deals from MerchantNegotiators.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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