– Donate to Charity While Searching

Searchgive.comWant to give to charity, but too lazy to get up off the couch and mail in a donation? Why not do it will you browse the internet? is an interesting new concept which allows you to give proceeds to charity while using their search engine.

The concept is simple; Searchgive operates exactly like a normal search engine, except for before you enter in a query, you pick a charity to which you wish to donate from their list below the search bar. Results are not affected in any way; the charities benefit from receiving a cut of Searchgive’s advertising revenue. As Searchgive uses metasearch technology, it will generate results from a variety of sources that you can you can rank to make the search experience more relevant for other users. Each search generates about US $0.01, and the charity of your choosing receives a check when their account reaches US $25.00. In Their Own Words

“Using is easy; choose a charity you like and search just like you normally would. The difference is not so much in the results of your search but in how the revenues from your search get distributed. When you search on, the major portion of the income we collect from advertisers goes directly to the charity you select”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

For some reason it seems like it’s taken a while for online giving to catch on; it’s pretty difficult to hunt down potential donors and grantmakers using the internet. Searchgive makes this task a whole lot easier for charities and nonprofits by fundraising for them automatically. It’s a great concept; minimum input, maximum output.

Some Questions About

Why limit this service to the relatively short list of charities listed on the Searchgive site? Why not let users decide which charities they what to give to; would it be possible to search for a charity through Searchgive, select it, verify its legitimacy using their 501(c)(3) information, and then have Searchgive donate to that particular organization?