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Scribesnook.comMost people I know fancy themselves as writers to a bigger or lesser degree, and you can count me in. Scribesnook is a niche social network for all of us who deem ourselves as that, and also for those who are “actual” writers.

The line that separates “being” a writer from “thinking” that you are one is a thin one at best, but it doesn’t really matter in social sites like this one. Anybody can join and get in touch with people who share his same interest.

The genres that are covered here include “Romance”, “Humor”, “Fantasy” and “Action & Adventure”. For its part, Lord Byron wanna-bes have a whole section devoted to them. And in addition to letting authors share what they do, Scribesnook makes it possible for them to discover new authors and content to try out.

The website has a truly minimalist feel to it, and it is evident that the main preoccupation of the one who built it all was coming up with a platform where the content is the real star. I think that it has paid off, but the fact that I love writing has got noting to do with that. I encourage you to pay it a visit in order to arrive at your own conclusions. In Their Own Words

“Scribesnook is a community for creative writers to post their original writings and share it with a passionate group of writers and readers from across the globe.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a niche social network it has all the necessary bases covered, and then some.

Some Questions About

Are contests organized on the site?

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