– A Social Approach To TV & Movies

ScreenTribe.comScreen Tribe is a social service that attempts to redefine the way in which people have always watched TV and movies. It has clear links Twitter and Facebook, in the sense that information on what users are doing is shared in real time. And it also references a location-based network like Foursquare, since people who interact through Screen Tribe are actually getting points and badges for their participation.

You see, on Screen Tribe people who are watching a show or a movie update their statuses to reflect such a fact. Points are awarded for reaching certain milestones, and the one who manages to watch more movies and/or shows is the one that is getting the biggest amount of badges, and becoming the envy of every other lesser mortal.

It is all done using a supple web interface, and a wealth of different mobile devices is supported. Currently, applications for iPads, iPhones and Android phones are available for you to download and put to their intended use. In Their Own Words

Experience TV and Movies in a whole new way! See what your friends are watching or tune in to get points, badges, and even real life rewards.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it makes watching TV and movies a far more connected experience.

Some Questions About

Which other mobile devices are meant to be supported by-and-by?