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ScreenTicket.comIf you have been bitten by the daily deals bug and you want to have one such site then this is a service you are surely going to find useful. Screen Ticket is a company that will let you both publish and distribute coupons (which as you know are the basis for any daily deals website). Well, using this platform coupons can be made readily available on such sites, and the delivery of coupons can also be triggered via applications for mobile phones based on Java, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7. Additionally, coupons can be accessed by way of 2D bar codes on posters and other print materials.

Of course, the scope of this platform goes well beyond the creation and deployment of deals on social commerce sites – coupons are also extensively used by loyalty marketing companies, and by brands that want to give their customers better value for money. But I used the example of a-deal-a-day websites because these are at an all-time high nowadays.

In any case, Screen Ticket comes with a dashboard for analyzing exactly how successful any campaign that is conducted through the site is turning out to be. And the company has a proprietary redemption service named On Device Verification that guarantees a more transparent experience for everybody. In Their Own Words

ScreenTicket provides a web based mobile coupon publishing and distribution platform for brands, loyalty marketing companies and deal sites, solving deployment challenges and social media ROI.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let just any person who wants to have his very own daily deals website have one of the trickiest parts of the process handled for them.

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Which daily deals sites have already adopted this platform?