– Record Your Screen

ScreenCastle.comIn case you want to record everything you are doing in your computer in order to help others understand the different processes you need to go through to use a program, etc, this will be the right service for you.

This website offers a solution that works as a digital computer screen recording system.

This solution is an interesting application that will witness a certain region of your screen and any audio from your computer at a given time, and document what it sees.

These kind of tools are the future when it comes to explaining the way different applications work. In case you want to generate a video for a friend to understand any process, this is one of the easiest solutions in the market. Also, this site gives you the opportunity to save the records for an unlimited time.

Pay a visit to this online resource if you want to enjoy all the benefits of improving the way you explain different processes to others, in a cost effective way. In Their Own Words

“One click screencasting.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be useful for people who want to explain different things to their friends or relatives more easily.

Some Questions About

What operating systems are supported?