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ScrapWalls.comScrap Walls is one of these popular services that will let you have some fun with the photos you have taken. In this particular case, what Scrap Walls does is to let you select up to 300 of your own images and use them in order to create a cool photo collage.


There are actually 30 different shapes of collages on offer, and you are sure to find one for each and every occasion. For example, there are shapes that are connected with the world of sports (such as baseball bats) and shapes that take after animals. Yet, romantic themes are predominant, as it is only logical. There are hearts, wedding cakes, brides and grooms… These are undoubtedly the ones that will be used more recurrently.

And when your collage is ready, you will be able to have a poster printed and delivered straight to your doorstep. The cost will depend on the actual size that you choose – there are currently four available options, with the smallest being 11″ x 14, and the largest 20″ x 30″. In Their Own Words

“Turn your photos into a shape collage!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Shape collages such as these make for excellent gifts, specially when it comes to newly weds and couples.

Some Questions About

Does the company take customized orders? Can you order a larger collage if you need one?

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