– Aggregating Your Life On The Web

Scrapplet.comIn a nutshell, Scrapplet is a new solution that lets you exert full creative control by aggregating your whole life into a single and unified place on the WWW. In a certain sense, it could be said that Scrapplet combines the power of the many social networking services and related social sites and you can even drag your friend profiles onto it.

Scrapplet pages are free and open to anybody, and they come with some items which are set by default. These include a guestbook and boxes for user interaction that can be repositioned as you see fit. Of course, multimedia contents of every kind can be added, and this is done in a simple drag & drop fashion.

Furthermore, whole websites can be added to your scrapplet pages along with RSS feeds. In this case, you have to click on the provided web icon located on the toolbar and specify either the URL in question or the RSS feed to be included. When adding an entire website you can also do so in a plethora of ways – it is possible to embed a link or a button that opens the site when clicked upon, as well as embedding the whole page as a window that can be visualized on the Scrapplet page.

It goes without saying that I find this a very interesting initiative, and the site (which is very well-arrayed) definitely deserves a visit and some consideration. Wend your way to and see the thoughts that it elicits. In Their Own Words

“Imagine a place on the web where you had complete creative control. A web page like no other. One where you can post a picture with a few clicks and adding text to go with it is even easier. One where you can drag text and images from other web pages and drop them right onto yours. Now add videos, music, RSS feeds and web links with equal ease. Don’t forget to include your favorite widgets too. Now use your mouse to arrange the page however you like, with click-and-drag ease.

Imagine combining your page with the power of Facebook, MySpace, and all of your networks so you could share it, send it, and even drag your friends’ profiles right onto it. What could be better than that? How about having multiple such pages, each with a unique URL, so you could create pages for work, school, friends, family… whatever you want.

But that’s just the beginning. With Scrapplet you can create an entire web site, conduct business on the web, add dynamic content to other websites, blogs, and wikis. Consolidate your entire web presence in one place, or better yet let Scrapplet be the piece that ties all of your web places together into one giant virtual site! And, if you are a developer, Scrapplet is the ultimate web application and mashup platform!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very appealing solution that can accommodate both serious and leisure uses, and which brings the best of different social sites under the same space.

Some Questions About

How will the site promote itself? What will be its main audience?