Scrapbox – Note Taking For Teams Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Organic collaboration. A web tool that supports teams, let’s them do what they want, that’s all but invisible – that let’s them do more without having to do or learn more… Creating such a tool has become something of a quest for the holy grail. A quest that might have ended at last with the tool everyone has been waiting for: Scrapbox.


Scrapbox is “a new style of note-taking for teams”, the “self-organizing space for your ideas, work, and collaboration.”




Scrapbox is designed to let teams design live, on the fly, and to make the absolute most of content without imposing restrictions or structure. A live editor allows participants to work together, brainstorming and editing without requiring endless back and forth communication, multiple tools, or loads of documents.


With Scrapbox, team members can add links and images, turning scraps into documents – content that’s available for multiple purposes (internal, social media, e.g.) and ready to ship. By basing work in plain text, contents can easily be transplanted into CMS platforms or sent using other apps employed in typical workflows.


Links and hashtags serve as a glue between documents, providing context and making them easily searchable – again without layering on more filing and yet another filing system.


example 2


Need to write in code? Scrapbox supports that. Want to keep everyone informed via Slack? Scrapbox is integrated with Slack notifications. Whether you’re looking to create, discuss, or learn together, Scrapbox establishes a space where you can do as you please more fluidly.


A quick glance at a homepage makes the latest updates highly visible. Finding relevant pages is as simple as searching by date, topic, link, tag, etc.


Another great feature of Scrapbox is that it’s flexible enough to use for work on numerous kinds of projects, be they design, marketing, or personal oriented. For meeting notes, budget reports, schedules, product mock ups, presentations, press materials, original articles, or you name it – you can work on all such pages efficiently when using Scrapbox.


Pitches, research findings, sprints… Why spend time trying to find a different tool for each effort? Try directing more collaborative energy into actually getting more work done than on figuring out how you’re going to collaborate.


Scrapbox is the creation of Nota Inc, a company focused on web sharing services, that is “working to make communication on the web more natural, fluid, and direct.” To learn more or to get started using Scrapbox, visit


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