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Scrapblog.comScrapblog is an awesome site that goes above and beyond all of your scrapbooking dreams. The different backgrounds, stickers, and templates available are endless.

All of the graphics are incredibly easy to add and edit to what you want on your page. You can even add videos, links, music, and audio narration to give your scrapblog some flavor. Viewers can add notes directly to the page, or comments to your personal page and get an RSS feed that tells them when you´ve added or changed anything on the blog. You can embed your scrapblog onto MySpace or your personal blog, or add each slide to Flickr. When you´re done, you can print it out or even get a DVD version of it, so that you can watch it in a slide show and get to take advantage of all the audio and visual media. Why waste time cutting and pasting and spending lots of money to create the old school scrapbook, when you can create a scrapblog that you can share with anyone anywhere with far more features and details than you could ever dream of? In Their Own Words

“We created Scrapblog because we wanted to go beyond sharing our photos and videos online. We made Scrapblog drag-and-drop-easy so that everyone can tell their stories and create beautiful multimedia scrapbooks.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site has been highly anticipated, and I can see why. It is incredibly easy for anyone to use, not like Photoshop or some sort of software you need to use the help features to try and use. It is unique in the way that it allows you to combine all kinds of media to one slide show that you can send to a DVD or embed and share. The site was very well done and there are lots of different ways they could make a profit off of their site, such as creating physical products from people´s scrapblogging designs.

Some Questions About

Will people continue to waste money on the incredibly expensive hobby that is scrapbooking when such an appealing alternative is available?