– A New Social Gaming Platform

Scoreloop.comSocial gaming is one of the many ramifications of the social phenomenon. Not everybody likes the games found on Facebook et al, of course, but I am more than certain that every single web socialite has played at least one ever since his network-based tenure started.

It makes sense, then, that platforms for the implementation of social gaming features surface. The latest one is presented by Scoreloop, and it is suited to iPhone users. Its main asset is that it lets users challenge each other and compete for virtual points. Points can likewise be purchased from Scoreloop, and that is actually part of the revenue model the company aims to pursue.

When it comes to the actual opponents that you can challenge, these include not only the friends making up your contact books but also any person who has an e-mail. That is, virtually anybody.

By way of conclusion, the company aims to capitalize on the popularity of social services and provide anybody with a way to have some online fun. You can learn more about this platform and its full list of features (such as personalized high score lists) just by stationing your web browser at In Their Own Words

“Most of the current platforms gamers play on offer some kind of Internet connection. Still, the majority of games that are played on mobile devices or even in web browsers only provide limited social features that allow for challenges between real people. Scoreloop addresses these insufficiencies and provides a technology that extends existing games so that gamers can challenge each other.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any application that fosters social interaction is sure to attract a fair share of attention.

Some Questions About

Which types of games are supported besides Flash-based titles and mobile games?