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Scoreboard – Superb Project Transparency (Do You See Your Revenues Growing Yet?)

Humans are funny. We’re always trying to find more time, save ourselves time – always worrying about time. And we’re still so lousy at keeping track of time! Just think of how often you check the time on your watch or smartphone during an average hour…


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When it comes to billing and business-client relationships, losing track of time creates enormous headaches. So the easiest way to operate smoothly and keep everyone happy, naturally, is to accurately account for time.


Scoreboard does the trick, and spares our time-challenged brains from causing problems. Scoreboard uses powerful timers to track both project progress and billable hours. Doesn’t matter how many projects a company has running, Scoreboard handles data easily (not to mention, integrates with a number of tools such as GitHub).


Managers, team members, and clients can all see everything in real-time. This transparency makes life better for everyone because information is easier to find. Tracking is taken care of automatically, and clients can see for themselves where their money is going rather than having to ask. Scoreboard eliminates the need for time-consuming updates, because everything from project budgets to revenue to employee activity is already visible.


Another perk of transparency is that it’s easier to spot problems or inefficiencies. The clear analytics Scoreboard supplies enable businesses to improve their performance more quickly (read: make more money).


Invoicing, perhaps because it’s long been regarded as a necessary evil in order to get paid, has escaped the wrath it deserves for stealing time. Moving data around, generating invoices, sending them, processing payments… tedious. Scoreboard ends such nonsense with seamless invoicing and payments. It only takes a few clicks to turn that real-time data into an invoice and a then settled payment not long afterward. Hallelujah.


For the independent contractor, Scoreboard is free to use for as many projects as there are to handle. From there, plans begin at $29 per month for small teams. Enterprise businesses should contact Scoreboard directly for more details.


Regardless of business size, everyone appreciates simplified time tracking and analytics. Saving money and avoiding headaches before they flare up – those are soothing for the nerves as well.


Sick of client updates undermining your productivity? Prefer to finish more projects over functioning as a quasi-accountant? Check out how the Scoreboard platform can help you to manage projects better with greater transparency at


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