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ScoopGods.comThere is no dearth of aggregators to find what is hot on the Internet, as it is only necessary considering how much information can be found online and the different uses people intend to put it to. At the end of the day, only the design or the approach might tell one from other.


In the case of ScoopGods, what singles the site out is its sense of humor – you might like it or not, but you have to give the programmers credit for trying to make the site more affable than those endless aggregators that end up with a frontend which is as mechanical as what they do internally.

The actual way that this site works is no departure from other aggregators – you choose your topic from the many which are found on the main page (in this case, they are found at the top of the screen) and away you go. A navigation menu will likewise empower you to access content such as funny pictures and so on.

I think this site is worth a look if only because it offers something different from other aggregators in terms of approach. Humor is always something which can draw people closer, and ScoopGods exemplifies that. The search itself is no better or worse than related sites, it is just that the site is more affable and easier to sympathize with. In Their Own Words

“As your ScoopGods, we are determined to push our influence around the world and possibly the universe. Whether you breath, smile, laugh, cry or sneeze, we’ll be there to get the scoop. The news you get today is missing the core message. The ScoopGods will get to that core, chew it up and leave you with a collection of words that will be worthy of all the gold in China.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones looking for information in a warmer setting than the one provided by other aggregators will find this worth a look.

Some Questions About

Will humor be enough to draw and retain users?

Author : Roger Hollings

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