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“Sconex is an online community for high school students. Students post info about themselves, read about classmates, link with friends, share photos, talk about classes and clubs, and more. We want Sconex to be a fun and safe place for our members. One of the main purposes of Sconex is to let your friends and people from your school learn more about you. Thus, it’s expected that you’ll share information about yourself like your favorite movies, school clubs, or random thoughts. However, you should avoid posting any personal information that will put you in jeopardy. It’s important to us that Sconex stays a fun, inviting, and safe place for its members. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, always feel free to contact us or discuss these issues with your parents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Social networking is popular by any means, especially between students. Sconex allows students to find out everything they wanted to know about their classmates. It also allows them to get in touch with people that they have not talked to in quite some time. It’s also a great way to know what’s going on in different schools, and to stay connected.

Some Questions About

How will Sconex be able to compete with big name social networking sites like MySpace or Friendster? Will they be able to maintain its steady growth? What about if someone switches high schools? Can they change school without losing the stuff in their profile?