– Find Your DNA’s Better Half

Scientificmatch.comThis real-life site is a dating service that promises their customers to retrieve the perfect DNA match for them, not in the politically incorrect and freaky sense that you can choose to create picture-perfect babies out of reasonably handsome DNA (that idea was already taken, it seems) but out of immunological differences. After all, if you are going to spend the rest of your life with that special DNA someone, you wouldn’t like that person to suffer the same ailments as you do… right? Here’s how this picture perfect bizarre system works: people submit a sample of their saliva and create a profile of personal values and interests.

After that the data gets registered to try and see if there are any immunity and interests matches. The candidate gets supplied with three prospective couples, they get to choose who they’d like to get in contact with and then meet and hopefully start dating like any average person. For this service, subscribers get charged $2,000 yearly; however the first three matches are free. In Their Own Words

“We do believe that chemistry is extremely important in any romantic relationship. In fact, we’re convinced that without it, a long-term relationship should not be considered. However, we also believe that chemistry is only one part of a successful relationship. Who makes you think? Who makes you laugh? Who do you look forward to hearing from the most? Current scientific knowledge can only take us so far—the rest is up to you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are seriously considering DNA as a central aspect when looking into meeting a couple, it should probably be a relief to find a dating service where you can find other people that have that aspect of human interaction in mind. So the site will probably not become a super popular one, but it could be very useful for a small portion of singles.

Some Questions About

When apocalyptic preachers say the end is near they are probably not thinking exactly about, but it could definitely help them build their arguments. After all, the whole concept seems overly detached, strange and massively expensive, plus there is no evidence that immunity dissimilarities are the key to everlasting love or happiness, or in any case the site does not provide any, so one feels inclined to be a bit skeptic about all of the site’s scientific outlook, as it seems to overlook each and every single convention of scientific research and presentation of evidence. Is it me, or get people’s hopes up with a lot of unsubstantiated filoscientificist blabbering?