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SchoolTube.comIf six hours of school isn’t enough or if your teacher wants you to spend your free time watching school related videos this site is for you! is a great way for students, teachers, parents, and administrators to stay up to date on school and education news.


Once a user is registered there are hundreds of videos available for viewing and users can upload their own videos. The videos that are already uploaded fall into one of twenty-one categories including: music, academics, arts & entertainment, careers, public service, school board, student council, student television network, etc. The videos can also be a great tool for student council election campaigns, weather advisories, group projects and professional training. The idea is that is a safe place for students to search, view, and upload various videos that are moderated or approved by the teacher. upholds its standards by the regulations of the STN Code of Ethics.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Individual schools can create their own community and post important news such as snow day notices, student government elections and other community news. Also, offers members unlimited resources that could slowly shorten the gap between schools which get more funding and those that miss out.

Some Questions About

Students who are not already interested in school will not be likely to use this as an after school activity. Also, the Internet might not be the best place to put information due to the fact that not everyone has access.

Author : Bruce Turner

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