Streaming Through Ads

StreamSpread is an online platform that live streams video adverts directly to the websites with their ideal target audience.

Why We Love It

Let’s face the facts – monetizing your website is not an easy task. As adblockers drain the potential for monetizing methods, it takes something special to make online advertising a viable option once more.

That’s where StreamSpread comes in. Relatively easy to use for website owners and advertisers, the platform is effectively an online ad-fixer, connecting two parties for mutual benefit. While not the most groundbreaking of ideas, StreamSpread makes video advertising more bearable to audiences by allowing ad makers to cherry pick the websites they want their promotional content to appear on.

With online advertising exploding to a global value of $220 billion by 2019, it’s important that someone, somewhere is offering an easy and straightforward method of getting video adverts to where they need to be. One of StreamSpread’s other nifty functions is that it removes tedious embedding. Adverts are automatically linked to websites who sign up to get involved, without the need for cumbersome admin. Website owners can keep tabs on how much money they are making via a dashboard, which makes it easy to evaluate whether or not StreamSpread is worth using in the long term.

There are other ways of monetizing a website, of course, and it would be foolish for website owners to put all of their ad-revenue eggs in StreamSpread’s basket. However, the platform does have clear merits. Its ability to provide advertisers with better audience interaction is one, but the other is how it gives website owners the opportunity to attract more visitors with interesting adverts. While advert overload will always be annoying – StreamSpread would do well not to flood websites with promotional videos – selective advertising is not necessarily a bad thing.

Take cinema trailers as an example. If you’re sitting down for the most recent spy thriller and the trailers feature upcoming films of a similar genre, the audience is likely not going to mind sitting through them. Replace those trailers with rom-coms and kid’s films, and their attention is going to drop off. No audience is ever going to rejoice at having its web experience interrupted by adverts, but now, with StreamSpread, that pain can be significantly reduced with the healing power of audience relativity.


@StreamSpread connects advertisers and websites for mutual benefits. Website owners get revenue and advertisers gain access to audiences.