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ScholarPRO.comEven when you do it online, finding an educational scholarship can take you ages and ages. The complex application processes involved are to blame for that, as they make it harder and slower to really know whether a scholarship’s right for you or now. A more adaptive approach is needed, something that turns the whole process of finding scholarships into something more intuitive. And that’s exactly what ScholarPRO delivers.


ScholarPRO replaces the long and boring forms you have to fill when looking for scholarships online with adaptive quizzes that make everything faster and smoother. Just by answering a couple of personal questions this Chicago-based startup can figure out which scholarships would be a good match for you.

And once it has done so, ScholarPRO can help you apply online to as many of these scholarships as you want. ScholarPRO can manage your essays, recommendations and transcripts, saving you not only time but also a great deal of effort.

For now, ScholarPRO is available only to people who want to study in California. But a national rollout is planned, so keep your eyes peeled on this one. In Their Own Words

Finally, a better way to find & apply for scholarships.

We have scholarships for everyone. For her. And for you. Get matched with scholarships super-fast, and apply online!

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