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Scapehouse.comScapehouse is a communication platform that enables users to share both messages and files with all their contacts in a secure and trustworthy setting. A service that is essentially free, Scapehouse can effectively be used to swap images that only your close friends and your family would see (IE, photos of your newborn child) with the same practicality that it can be used to send files to a colleague who happens to be located in a foreign city. It is a platform that lends itself both to personal and professional uses, and it is equally functional in both cases.

And in addition to letting people swap files in a safe way, Scapehouse enables just anybody to have private conversations with his contacts. People who use this platform can authenticate who they are by signing in via Facebook, and then organize private conversation groups that can have as many participants as they need. Two, five, twenty… it is all the same to Scapehouse. It can handle any number of individuals, and let them talk to each other at the same time. In Their Own Words

Scapehouse is a fun new way of talking and sharing with others.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables anybody to have rich discussions with his friends and colleagues, in a completely safe environment.

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