Wanna Chat With A Stranger? It’s Time To SayMore


Today’s Killer Startup: SayMore



Elevator Pitch:

SayMore connects you with a total stranger for a chat on the phone.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Any regular reader of this column knows that I love pretty much any app that puts people in touch with strangers. Maybe it’s my history: coming of age during the age of AIM and AOL chatrooms; maybe it’s the fact that I’m actually terrified of the prospect of calling people on the phone; or maybe it’s just the whimsy of them. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about these anonymous people apps, but I’m digging them — hard.


The latest to come into the fold of stranger apps I love is SayMore, which the founder has dubbed “the talking network” in his Medium post about their launch. TechCrunch reports that it was conceived of by YouTuber Brent Hurley, who is someone I have never heard of but is apparently internet famous (and also the brother of YouTube co-founder Chard Hurley, so there’s that). The app has you browse pre-determined discussions topics, get a peek at the profile of your potential new random bestie, and then initiate a free VOIP call.


The broad topics they offer include fashion, tech, parenting, and trending topics, with specific questions under each one.


I love the idea of discussing controversial issues, in particular, with strangers because it’s so-so easy to build an echo chamber and only hear the people we agree with. However, I do worry that an app like this is has a lot of potential for weird, sketchy conversations that make women uncomfortable. Unfortunately, in my experience, a lot of lonely men use these stranger apps as a way to hit on women. While I get that these guys probably don’t have a lot of outlets, I’m not interested in sending pics to some rando in Iran. Hopefully SayMore will be the kind of place where strangers can connect in interesting, respectful ways.





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