Any Great Room Rate You Can Find, SavTravv Hotels Can Do Better

I admire the determination of bargain hunters who leave no stone unturned in pursuit of a better deal. I wish I had their patience when it comes to tracking down savings on hotel rooms and their willingness to hold off on booking until they’re certain they’ve found the absolute best price. But I don’t. I’d much rather have someone else find a cheaper rate for me.


Someone like SavTravv Hotels, a service that guarantees to beat your best quote on any hotel room.




For a flat rate of NZ $10.00, SavTravv Hotels will find you the best rate on your chosen room and hotel. If they can’t find you savings greater than their fee, you pay nothing and can proceed with your booking plans. In other words, you have nothing to lose by allowing them to find you a better price.


The process is simple and easy. You give SavTravv Hotels your stay details – hotel name, dates, other preferences. They search for a better price, then give you step-by-step instructions for booking at a lower rate.


Sure beats entering information into a zillion search engines and endlessly comparing prices, huh?




Maybe it’s a personal failing that I prefer to book hotel rooms quickly and move on to other tasks. If so, I have plenty of company. Wouldn’t we rather spend more time thinking about our stay (or anything else, really) than beating ourselves up over room searches and bookings?


And be honest, how often does obsessively hunting for a better deal turn up savings worth all the effort? SavTravv boasts that most of their customers enjoy savings of 5%-10%.


I say leave this work to pros.


SavTravv Hotels claims knowledge of all the best hotel hacker secrets – and the access to brands and booking sites – which allows them to find a better rate for rooms throughout the world. And nope, there’s no catch. If you don’t save, you don’t pay.


Check out their sister site SavTravv for additional travel tips, deals and point offers or sign up for a monthly newsletter with the same information directly from the SavTravv Hotels website.


If you’re ready to start saving on hotel rooms and eliminate the hassles of finding a better room rate on your own, let SavTravv Hotels beat your best quote, at


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