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Savored.comSavored is a social deals website that is focused on offering nothing but dining discounts. Covering ten different cities throughout the land, Savored is particularly interesting to merchants since they get to keep everything once the discount has been deducted. The way Savored works, members pay $ 10 as a reservation fee and get a flat 30 % off food and drinks at participating venues.

And something which is really interesting is that restaurateurs who sign up for are given the chance to tweak with lots of options in order to make the deals they are offering truly suit who they are and what they can do. For example, restaurateurs can specify for how long their deals are going to be available, as well as limiting the number of people who can take advantage of the deal as part of the same group.

In practice, this means that restaurateurs will be able to drive traffic during slow hours, and always ensure that the people who walk in through the door will redound to a profit, not to a loss. That is something which happens more than often with dining deals offered on sites like GroupOn – restaurateurs habitually end up losing not only money but also time because customers come at unsuitable times, or in groups that are too large for their own good. In Their Own Words

Savored (formerly VillageVines) brings you access to insider pricing with the most popular restaurants across the United States. We make the dining experiences of our members more convenient and more affordable, and we do so by partnering with the finest restaurants – from the storied icons to the up and coming gems.

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Dining deals are something that must be handled carefully in order to avoid losing money and resources. GroupOn seldom lets restaurateurs exert as much control as they would like to exert. And that is precisely what this site will let them do: control how and when people can have access to their promotions.

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