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Save Thousands On Your Student Loans With Credible

Today’s Killer Startup: Credible



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Elevator Pitch:

Credible helps you save money on your student loans.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I want to start this with a caveat: I loved my college. I went to Bard, which is a tiny little liberal arts school in upstate New York. It was an amazing place for smarty weirdos like me to explore smarty weirdo things in the beauty and comfort of a campus right on the Hudson. It was, however, also obscenely expensive. Those loan repayments every month always hurt. What hurts even worse? That I honestly have no idea when they’ll be done.


Credible is a site for the thousands of college grads who, like me, finished school with more debt than they can even truly conceive of. They help you refinance your loans so that you can get a better interest rate, a move that potentially saves thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.


They’re also a great option for current or soon-to-be students who are searching for the best options to cover the cost of their education.


Testimonials on their site come from users who have saved as much as $55,000 by working with Credible instead of going it on their own. That’s not an insignificant chunk of change as you move away from the school phase of life into the “I want to buy a house and have kids” phase.


Oh, also? Their service is free.


Our country has a seriously jacked up system when it comes to higher education, but until someone figures out how to fix it (Bernie 2016?), we’re stuck with what we’ve got. Get back a little bit of that money with Credible’s awesome service. The only thing you have to lose is your debt.



So you got that college degree and now you have the DEBT. Save thousands with @credible


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Author : Emma McGowan

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