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Sapenta’s Team Management Tool Is All That And The Kitchen Sink

Back in the day, all businesses were organized, kept on track, and generally kept alive by these real life human beings called assistants or, if we’re going old school, secretaries. While there are plenty of brick and mortar offices that still need the help of these professionals, more and more companies are supplementing their IRL help or replacing it altogether with online management and collaboration tools.



Different companies have different needs which means, of course, that shopping around for the right platform can take some time. Some platforms, however, come with everything and the kitchen sink – like Sapenta.


Sapenta is an integrated work, communication, and collaboration platform for businesses that are interested better managing their time, work, and office activities.




Here’s what they offer:

Time Management

The timesheet is the cornerstone of Sapenta’s time management module. Unlike traditional timesheets, which each employee has to fill out themselves, the Sapenta timesheet populates automatically based on people’s calendars. Managers can access the timesheets in order to see what people are doing and more efficiently assign tasks as well as assess the workloads of their entire team.


The Sapenta calendar, in the meantime, pulls from user’s existing Google calendars as well as any events that are added in any of the other of the platform’s modules. That means that everything from meetings to daily tasks to time off requests are all in one spot, easily access by both managers and team members.


Rounding out the time management module, Sapenta has a leave request section that allows users to take into account both their workloads and schedules and those of the rest of their colleagues. This automatically ensures that no one’s time off overlaps and that everyone’s schedules work together.


Office Management

Any purchases that need to be made for a business – whether it’s office supplies like staplers or bigger purchases like iPads – can be made from within Sapenta. The requests are sent directly to the purchasing manager, who can approve or disapprove the purchase right from her computer.


Expenses can also be reported right on the Sapenta platform, quickly and easily. No more wallets busting with receipts, lost expense sheets, and “I swear it put it right here!” moments.


If your company involves travel, first of all: lucky you. Second, you know what a pain it can be to request, organize, and record cost of trips. Sapenta lets employees submit a request that is then approved (or not) by their manager and then automatically files the cost in the “Expenses” module.


Work Management

Keeping track of exactly what everyone is doing is one of the hardest jobs any company faces – including this one. Who hasn’t been part of a crazy email chain going back and forth about who’s supposed to be doing what?


With Sapenta, tasks are assigned within their visual organizer, due dates are set, and everyone knows when they’re completed. No more email chains!


Finally, Sapenta provides the tools every team needs to get projects completed efficiently and on budget, including calculators, planners, and real-time reports. See? I told you they had everything and the kitchen sink!


Sapenta is a system that was created to make your business more streamlined, more efficient, and all around easier to run. You might still need a real life person too – someone has to answer those phones, right? – but Sapenta is the answer if your company is looking for streamlined efficiency. Check it out now at


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