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Sanbit.comSanbit is a new site that plays out a welcome role: letting you pick up a new language in a lively setting. The site makes for practicing every aspect of any foreign language that you might be interested in, and this includes not only reading texts and listening to audio files but also writing essays that are read by those who make up the community of native speakers.

One of the best features on offer is the ability to find language partners that will let you practice what you have learned so far with all the inherent advantages that the contact with others bring.

Pronunciation can likewise be practiced and improved by recording yourself, and you can also record your voice if you are a native speaker who wants to help others improve the way they pronounce. It is also possible to listen to the audio files that other upload in order to correct others and show them where they are falling way off the mark, and where they are making an actual progress.

I firmly believe that the one and only way to learn a language is actually traveling to the country in question and residing there for as long as you can. That is mostly impossible for many of us, but fortunately we have resources such as this one to make up for it, and bring native speakers closer to us. In Their Own Words

“Sanbit is a website to help you learn and practice any foreign language. Using Sanbit, you can practice every aspect of using a foreign language. Take a tour of the main features listed below and also take a look at the video intro.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an excellent resource that lets everybody learn a language in a setting as vital as the task at hand calls for.

Some Questions About

How many users have already signed up? Where do they mainly hail from? What languages are they learning?