Salad Lets You Earn While You’re Idle

You’ve invested in a pretty awesome gaming setup, but aside from a few hours of dedicated gaming, it just sits there. Wouldn’t if be cool if it could provide a return on investment when not being used? The creators of Salad Technologies, Inc. thought the same thing, and created Salad in 2018. Built by gamers with gamers in mind, this app allows you to mine cryptocurrencies while you’re away from the keyboard.

Salad Technologies, Inc. is a blockchain startup focused on powering blockchain and crypto through a decentralized infrastructure fueled by PC gamers. The Salad app blends the worlds of crypto and gaming in one app, and aims to be the easiest, most trusted way to monetize your PC’s idle resources.

Salad streamlines the crypto mining experience and has no need for the normal hassles involved with crypto mining, such as crypto-wallets or intricate PC configurations. With Salad, gamers can mine crypto in their downtime, and turn their GPU power into credits that can be spent on items like games, subscriptions, gift cards and more. Here’s how it works:


  • Free app: Salad is a free, open-source mining app. Users download and install the app and run it while they’re AFK to earn Salad Balance.
  • Mine crypto: Salad makes it easy to mine cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, BEAM, Grin, Monero, Vertcoin and BTC Gold. The app uses your PC’s power to determine which coin is most profitable for you to mine.
  • Complete offers: Users can also answer quizzes, take surveys and test apps through AdGate, AdGem and OfferToro. Offerwalls are a great way to boost your Salad Balance if you can’t run the crypto miner or want some extra rewards on top of your earnings.
  • Storefront: Once users have built up their Salad Balance, they can redeem items from the Salad Storefront for games, gift cards, hardware and more. Items include Prepaid VISA Cards, Amazon Credit, Discord Nitro, Game Codes, and other awesome rewards. You don’t have to enter your credit card info – your Salad Balance is all you need!
  • Referrals: With Salad, when you invite your friends and family to join the app, you receive a 50% earnings bonus based on your referee’s Salad earnings, up to $1 per referral. This is paid out to you incrementally as that person mines. The more people you invite, the faster you can earn your bonus.
  • SaladPay: For business owners, Salad Technologies, Inc. provides a convenient microtransaction payment gateway that lets PC gamers make purchases on their website without needing a credit card. This removes minimum purchase restrictions, provides lump sum vendor payments with detailed sales reports, reduces fraud with no chargebacks, and even increases conversion and allows visitors to earn purchases.


If you’re a PC gamer who wants to make the most of your gaming equipment when you’re not using it, Salad is a great option. Whether you want your system to mine for data while you’re idle, or you want to take part in some awesome offers, Salad makes it easy to earn a balance and buy items you’ll love. Head over to to learn more about how you can AFK the smart way.