– Ahab Would Like This

SailTrac.comLike to spend your vacation time seaside sailing around the world? Enjoy being on the faraway coasts of the Caimans or Virgin Islands? Mariners and sailing enthusiasts alike would do well to get connected to SailTrac, a sort of Facebook for sailor types. SailTrac is a new social networking site dedicated to those whose passion, work, or play is to be offshore on a boat somewhere.

SailTrac lets them connect with fellow mariners as well as with friends and loved ones who are more landlocked. Like any social networking site, SailTrac users must register and created a profile. From there, you can create a journey log, blog, find friends with the easy to use search option, track vessels, post pictures and even integrate your trip course with Google Maps. SailTrac is completely free and more features are to come. In Their Own Words

“Sailtrac is an online community that lets you keep friends posted on your adventures aboard and abroad – make new friends along the way!

Create a public postcard and develop a private network on Sailtrac where you can create custom mapping, share photos, video clips, journal entries and special interests with your growing network of mutual friends!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SailTrac is a very niche networking site. It’s interface is intuitive and easily navigable. The site has all the trappings of regular social networking site along with more features geared towards sailors.

Some Questions About

Will SailTrac catch on? Will it get enough users to stay afloat? How is it funded/will be fun