SafeWaters.AI: A Weather App for Sharkiness

The ocean, with its vast beauty and mysteries, has always captured human imagination. However, as shark attacks become increasingly common, the need for effective mitigation techniques has become more pressing.

In response, SafeWaters.AI has emerged as a beacon of hope, utilizing artificial intelligence to predict and manage the risk of shark encounters. Founded in 2022 by visionary Evan Valenti, this startup combines a passion for the ocean with cutting-edge technology to make our waters safer for both humans and sharks.

Addressing a Growing Threat: Enhancing Ocean Safety

With the rise in shark attacks, the need for reliable mitigation techniques has become paramount. Traditional methods often involve measures that can harm sharks or are simply not effective.

SafeWaters.AI recognizes this challenge and has developed an innovative solution. By providing beachgoers, surfers, and local authorities with accurate information on high-risk days for shark encounters, the startup empowers individuals to make informed decisions, ultimately reducing the chances of unwanted interactions.

The Birth of SafeWaters.AI: Where Passion Meets Technology

Evan Valenti’s story merges two profound passions: the love for the ocean and the fascination with artificial intelligence. Growing up near the ocean in Connecticut, Evan’s affinity for the sea led him to surf.

As he explored the world of AI, he stumbled upon the idea of leveraging technology to predict the risk of shark encounters, combining his two passions into a single mission.

Evan’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. Balancing a full-time job as an SEO specialist with his passion project, he embarked on learning and adapting to AI technology. His journey was marked by trial and error, but he persisted, even enlisting the help of AI assistants like ChatGPT to guide him through debugging and refining his models.

The Development of the AI Model: From Data to Insights

SafeWaters.AI’s innovative AI model is the heart of the startup’s mission. Evan’s dedication led him to gather over 200 years of attack and marine weather data to train the model. Despite initial obstacles, Evan’s hard work paid off, resulting in a model that accurately forecasts risks with an impressive 89% accuracy.

The model focuses on predicting days with a higher likelihood of shark encounters, enabling users to make well-informed choices when venturing into the ocean.

Balancing Safety and Conservation: Protecting Humans and Sharks

SafeWaters.AI addresses human safety and acknowledges the importance of preserving shark populations. By helping individuals avoid high-risk days, the startup reduces unplanned shark encounters, which benefits both humans and these magnificent creatures.

The project underscores the potential of technology to harmonize the interests of humans and nature.

A Future of Impact and Growth

Looking ahead, SafeWaters.AI envisions a future where their app becomes an indispensable tool for ocean enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on growth, the startup aims to reach over a million users within four years.

Collaborations with weather channels and surf forecasting companies like Surfline are on the horizon, promising seamless integration of technologies for beachgoers and surfers alike.

SafeWaters.AI’s aspirations also extend to educational partnerships with marine biologists and shark researchers, leveraging their technology to contribute to a deeper understanding of these incredible animals.


SafeWaters.AI exemplifies the power of merging passion with technology to tackle real-world challenges. With a strong foundation in data science and artificial intelligence, Evan Valenti’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative potential of innovation.

By predicting and mitigating shark risks while fostering conservation efforts, SafeWaters.AI is a guardian of human safety and marine ecosystems. As the startup continues to grow and collaborate, its journey will have a lasting impact on ocean safety and our relationship with the creatures inhabiting its depths.

Featured Image Credit: Provided by the Author; Safewater app; Thank you!