Have The Police At Your Fingertips On Your Walk Home With SafeTrek

Today’s Killer Startup: SafeTrek




Elevator Pitch:

SafeTrek is an app that will automatically notify the police for you if you don’t take certain steps.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Here’s a fact: Walking home alone at night as a woman is scary. Sometimes, it’s super scary. However, there are times when either 1. you don’t have a choice other than walking home by yourself or, 2. you’re sick of being scared. While there are steps you can take to protect yourself — like calling a friend on either end of the journey or carrying pepper spray — today I have a new technological option for all of you ladies (and gents too) who are feeling nervous about walking home alone.


The app is called SafeTrek. The way it works is deceptively simple. If you’re in a situation where you think things might get sketchy, launch the app and put your thumb on the safe button. When you get to your destination unharmed, lift your thumb and put in your four digit code. If your thumb comes off the button and that code isn’t entered, however, the local police will be given your name, location, and will be notified that it’s an emergency.


SafeTrek was developed by college students with other college students in mind. Citing the failure of the “blue light” system on college campuses (blue lights are emergency call stations that a lot of colleges put up to combat campus assault), the team decided that it was time to put safety directly into people’s hands.
However, this safety app is obviously not just for college students. If you’ve ever felt unsafe walking alone, download SafeTrek for not only the added protection but also the piece of mind. It works anywhere in the US and is available on both Android and iOS.



This #app is making the walk home safer for everyone. @SafeTrek


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