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SacMomsClub.comSacMomsClub is a website designed for mothers in the Sacramento area. The site offers a number of outlets for moms to share their stories and discuss motherhood.


There’s Mom’s Brag Book, a section reserved for adorable baby pictures. There’s a blog section with blogs written by members and with syndicated blogs as well. Under the section titled Read, mothers can find a column written by a life coach, there are articles about the environment, and also articles about motherhood. The site is partnered with Sutter Health which supplies the health section, featuring informative podcasts, doctor listings, and categories dedicated to both child and mother health. Besides that, you’ll also find an event calendar, discussion groups, polls and daily topics. In Their Own Words

“The Sacramento Bee created as a destination site for local moms. It’s a place where mothers can connect, share, ask questions and discuss topics relevant to their lives and their families.

While the site was created with moms in mind, we accept that dads, grandparents and non-moms may find the information useful. Because discussion topics on will cover a variety of topics, all users are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and with respect to other members. All posts will be reviewed for language, but we respect that the content will be driven by the users of the site. We encourage positive, supportive interaction that will build this community and keep informative and entertaining.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SacMomsClub offers mothers in the Sacramento area a supportive and informative network in which they can learn and share the joys of motherhood. The site is well designed and it features a variety of interactive outlets for mothers to get to know one another and participate in discussions etc.

Some Questions About

A video section in addition to the Brag Book would be a nice complement. Will the site expand beyond the Sacramento area?

Author : Siri Marshall

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