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RunClassifieds.comA brand-new service that places all the emphasis on being easy to use, Run Classifieds is a nice alternative for those that want to either buy or sell anything and don’t want to engage into any unnecessary expenditures. As a matter of fact, the site is wholly free to use and there is no registration process involved at all, so these individuals couldn’t really ask for a lot more.


Posting a listing is dealt with in a couple of easy steps, and these include choosing a title and penning a description, as well as handpicking the duration of the ad itself (from 10 to 100 days). Image galleries are likewise supported, and when submitting the ad you can always choose it to be promoted by the team behind the project. This service is rendered for free, and it entails your ad being reviewed and displayed on the main page of the site for everybody to see and take notice. Recent classifieds are also spotlighted on the main page, so that if you want to see what is hot and new at a mere glance you will be capable of doing so the moment that you have landed on the website. In Their Own Words

“Post your classifieds, free, fast and easy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes posting classifieds a very dynamic endeavor, and there are enough categories there so as to make everybody happy.

Some Questions About

Are ads published instantly, or are they reviewed individually beforehand?

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