Run Your Pub, Bar & Café Like a Pro with Growyze

Waste, internal theft, and preventable supplier and admin errors cost businesses money every year. Unfortunately, catching these hidden losses can be difficult. You can track your business by using excel sheets or writing everything down on paper, but this can be tedious and still leaves plenty of room for error. That’s where Growyze comes in.


Growyze is a mobile-friendly tool that helps bars, pubs and cafes reduce admin, paperwork, waste and profit loss. Using advanced technology for fast and easy back-of-office management, the app lets staff and management get back to focusing on what matters most: serving customers and growing sales. From orders to deliveries to inventory and more, Growyze streamlines business operations and makes important information easily accessible any time, anywhere.


By managing important information through the app, businesses can reduce paperwork, repetitive tasks and excessive waste, saving time and money. Growyze also helps businesses streamline their operations and work more efficiently by digitizing task assignments, automating stock management, and letting people easily managing other areas of the business all in one convenient location. Growyze also offers valuable insights so users can make better decisions based on real data.



Growyze has/introduces a variety of features to help/helping bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and shops save time and money.


Manage suppliers

Growyze allows users to conveniently store and access all of their suppliers’ information in one place.


Place orders

Users can digitally manage their purchases and place new orders quickly and easily. There’s no need for lengthy phone calls.



Tracking inventory is easy with Growyze. Instead of using spreadsheets, management can take a picture of the item and enter the quantity in the app. Stock levels can then be checked at any time.



Growyze replaces paper filing with digital paperwork, allowing users to manage their orders, deliveries and invoices in the app. You can even take pictures of delivery notes.


Three-way validation

Three-way validation makes it easier to catch financial discrepancies between orders, deliveries and invoices and deal with them in a timely manner.


Reduce waste

Growyze helps you reduce waste by offering increased visibility to your business’s waste.


Track margins

When you import your sales data, Growyze provides insights to help you identify and eliminate fraud, protect your bottom line, respond to business challenges, and grow your business.



Growyze sends instant alerts to help you stay aware of any issues, such as discrepancies between deliveries and orders, low stock levels and more.


AI technology

With the help of AI technology, the app provides real-time data around business performance and stock updates to help you stay informed.


Business insights

Growyze is also planning to add a feature that lets people file their recipes in a digital library that their staff can access at any time from any location.



Managing a business can be rewarding, but it does have its challenges. With Growyze, you can more easily catch hidden losses, manage orders and inventory, and work more efficiently, so you can spend less time on back-of-office management and more time serving customers. Interested? Visit to learn more.


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