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Rumandmonkey.comThis site is a compendium of graphic and written jokes plus funny widgets and site apps, featuring mild –and quite obvious, too— political satire, which is posted by the webmaster for the reading pleasure of the people that dig this site daily, and is later commented on by registered users in an ever-active forum, which unlike similar ones, is not a list of internal jokes and pranks, rather a very funny way of loosing your time online. The amount of fake tests (ie to determine what kind of grunting caveman you are) available for you to paste in your own web site is really amazing. In Their Own Words

“What kind of looter am I?

The Earth is a violent place. With one hand it gives – bountiful food, beautiful blue skies, the miracles of life and evolution – and with the other it takes away. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, flash floods; disaster may always be around the corner.

And with it comes loot.

Don’t look at me like that. You know full well that if your town were destroyed by a horrific incident, the first thing you’d do is ram a brick through a store window and steal a busload of televisions. Bread? You’d steal ten loaves without blinking an eye. HDTV? The ten strongest men in your borough couldn’t hold you back, you rascal, not even if they had crowbars and manly seventies moustaches.

But what kind of looter are you? What kind of looter, more to the point, do your friends think you are? Continue, you freeloading but charming piece of detritus, and you will discover.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site’s dorky-nerdy-simpleton free humor and resources is bound to make it a killer startup anytime soon.

Some Questions About

On the home site for is a list of websites, like, which one is first inclined to think of as sections of the web site, and of course are not. This can be really misleading, and result in target-audience not familiarised with the site to leave it, thinking they might have clicked the wrong link. Will they see to this design issue anytime soon?

Author : Steve Dixon

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