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Defeat The Snooze Button, Once And For All, With Ruggie

Today’s Killer Startup: Ruggie





Elevator Pitch

Ruggie is an alarm clock that defeats the snooze button once and for all.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

So, once upon a time when I still had to work on other people’s schedules, I was the ultimate snooze buttoner. I lucked out in college with a roommate who also loved to smack the snooze, and the two of us could easily go a full hour after the first alarm before actually getting out of bed. My first live-in boyfriend, however, was not so psyched about my snoozing proclivities, which meant I had to start to cutting back even then. But when he was out of town? The snooze button still ruled supreme.


These days I don’t use an alarm clock unless I’m getting up for an early flight (yay self-employment!), but if I did, I’d probably seriously consider getting a Ruggie. While an alarm on your phone or even an old-school alarm clock can easily be snoozed (or thrown across the room), the Ruggie requires you to actually get out of bed and stand on it for at least three seconds before it will stop bugging you.


The Ruggie actually reminds me of the wake up call we used to get in my dance troupe when I was a kid, which consisted of the band’s fiddler calling us and asking “Are your feet on the floor?” and not hanging up until we affirmed that both we and our roommates were out of bed. Surprisingly effective method, I must say.


While that fiddler was slightly terrifying and got us to get up by scaring us, the Ruggie starts your day with an inspirational saying. (TBH, I kind of hope you can turn those off, because personally nothing makes me angrier than chipperness in the morning — but that’s just me.) Regardless, there’s something genius about forcing someone to actually stand up in order to get the alarm to stop dinging. So if you’re into it, head over to their Kickstarter and see if any of those early bird Ruggies are left.



BEEP BEEP BEEP *snooze* BEEP: The snooze button is a thing of your past. #productivity #Ruggie


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Author : Emma McGowan

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