Hate Travel Planning But Love Travel? It’s Time For RueBaRue

Look, everyone likes taking trips — but almost no one likes planning them. Shoot, I am a pro traveler (I move to a new country every three to nine months) and even I hate planning trips! However, letting the fact that trip planning requires eight million different websites, five million emails, and coordinating flights (my least favorite) become an excuse for not seeing the world (or even just taking a vacation) is tragic.


That’s where RueBaRue comes in. RuBaRue is a website and newly launched app for iOS that makes travel planning a breeze.




First step? Pick a city. (And because they’re a pretty new site and app, they’re starting with a couple dozen major world cities, but don’t worry — there are some good ones on there.) Check out the curated sites that RueBaRue recommends, including a description, how much time you spend there, what it costs, and what time of day is best to visit, amongst other things. You can then either choose one of their “starter guides,” which are itineraries based on the input you give them, or build your own itinerary from scratch.


The app will then organize everything you want to do into a clear, lovely itinerary that includes a daily plan organized by location, hours of operation, the best time to visit each place, and the distance between them. No more flipping between taps on your browser to figure out how to fit everything you want to do into the limited time you have to do it!


The itineraries on RueBaRue are also dynamic, so you can add stuff as you go or delete places that you’ve decided against visiting. The people behind RueBaRue know that even the best laid travel plans have a tendency to shift once you arrive in a new place because, well, you find out about totally new stuff!


“With RueBaRue, you can plan a once in a life time trip to Rome or Tokyo, a weekend getaway to NYC or Chicago, a day trip at the end of your business trip to Amsterdam,” says RueBaRue founder Nars Krishnamachari. “You can build a plan on the go and it is perfect for anyone with a smartphone, especially the millennials.”


Nars is talking to us millennials, sure, but RueBaRue is a great option for anyone who hates the logistics of trip planning. (So, basically everyone.) Before you figure out where your next trip is going to be, head over to RueBaRue, download that app, and start exploring!


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