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RubiconProject.comThe Rubicon Project is a newly launched ad platform which has the simple aim of raking in a plethora of cash for its clients. They match up ad networks and exchanges to your site, thus opening up further possibilities to expand your reach and amplify your conversion rates.


Their Rubicon Certified Inventory program is catered to make sure that publishers, both large and small, get targeted high quality sites running on their campaigns. Their smart technology matches only the best sites that work for you. Rubicon’s recently launched Certified Ad Space program ensures advertisers that their ads will reach the right audience, while websites get more visibility. The program includes hand selection of sites, safety and quality ratings, classifications and certified ad placement. In Their Own Words

“The Rubicon Project’s web-based, self-serve solution gives any size website the most complete access to the total available advertising market, and its smart matching technology does all the work to perfectly match each ad impression with the optimal money-making opportunity. the Rubicon Project is the new online advertising standard that makes it effortless for websites to generate the mad cash they’ve always dreamed of. Websites looking to make more money while doing less work should click here to sign up.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Rubicon matches the needs of ad networks with the desires of website owners. Basically, ad networks are guaranteed that their ads will reach their targeted audience, giving them more exposure and higher quality sites. Publishers benefit too, from making mad money from better targeted ads.

Some Questions About

Does the Rubicon Project really boost incomes? How does their customer service rate—will they go above and beyond to make sure they have happy clients? How well do the ads actually fit with the websites?

Author : Siri Marshall

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