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Rsstickr.comRsstickr makes it simple to put up an RSS feed on your website without having to do any of the programming yourself. Simply go to Rsstickr, and choose the width, height, headline color, font color and whether or not you want to show the entire text or just the headline.


Next, enter the URL of your website and the URL of the feed you’d like to add and Rsstickr will immediately provide you with the code that you need to paste on your site. No registration or special knowledge is required so if you’d like to spruce up your site with an RSS feed, go to Rsstickr and get the job done in minutes. If you would rather not clutter up your site with a feed on the main page, there is also an option to have the feed open up in a new window. In Their Own Words

“Rsstickr makes it easy to put an RSS feed on your website. Easy and quick to use, Rsstickr makes your site more dynamic.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Rsstickr is very easy to use and does not require any programming knowledge to implement. It is free and has lots of customizable options making this a potentially attractive widget for small to medium-sized site owners everywhere.

Some Questions About

There is very little information provided on the site and without actually trying out the service, it is difficult to see what there business model is. Will they be plugging advertisements into your site’s RSS ticker? If that is the case, they will have to do a better job of describing what kind of advertising it will be to ensure that they don’t lose people who worry about the type of advertising. If this isn’t an advertising-based model, then how will they be making money?

Author : Caroline Bright

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