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RSSMicro.comThis site is a RSS Feed search engine with 65 million feeds, blogs, and news sources to search. Billing itself a true hybrid search engine, you can search for RSS feeds and within RSS feeds, search by feeds or blogs or news sources, you can sort by rank or date, and you can easily view the top RSS feeds through a quick link.

The site touts that they have 6,300 news sources that are being indexed and searchable, more than 52 million blog posts, the best ranking system, and a unique key word search mechanism called “clustering.” The design and layout are user-friendly and accessible, but lacking in color or originality. In Their Own Words

“RSSMicro was formed to explore new search capabilities where the web contents become extremely dynamic and grow exponentially. This behavior, along with higher user expectations, creates a dilemma that requires a search service whose capabilities go beyond the limits of conventional search engines. Without new data formats or attached date and time to the content, there will be no reliable search service or product that can efficiently index and make the content available for search. RSSMicro is building and exploring a new search service which balances the freshness, relevance, and reliability of the search results along with a substantial gain in search performance and efficiency.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is one of the few already successful alternative search engines, with high traffic volume. The site is professional, creative and corners a great niche with searching RSS feeds. Given the amount of people who read and write blogs and take advantage of RSS feeds, this site hits the right notes in all places.

Some Questions About

The layout of the site is fine, but the design is stereotypically boring and white, like many other search engine sites. If these guys want to compete with Google, they have to offer innovative service and allure people with creative design. Who is their main competition in the alt search world?