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Rss-info.comThe ultimate app for the management of your RSS content, will allow you to download for free their software, which easily supports the creation of both rss feeds and podcasting.

The site carries a simpler form, which is basically dummy-proof, plus a more sophisticated one, which they claim is featured by Microsoft as well. Though PHP source code for PHPinclude is not featured yet, the webmaster says it will soon be available; for the time being RSSinclude is written in PHP using a slightly modified version of MagpieRSS class. Supporting 250,000+ feeds per day, the acceptance this service has had with other users speaks well of the product offered by, and in any case it seems enough for basic RSS feeds. In Their Own Words

“Free tools for creating and integrating RSS feeds and podcasting

RSS is a XML format which allows syndication of all kinds of content like news or update information. Anything that can be sliced into items can be put into an RSS feed and made available for syndication. These feeds can be checked by RSS reader software or they can be used by other webmaster to integrate the syndicated content into their sites. For additional basic information about RSS feeds please visit this introduction.

New: RSSeditor/Win supports RSS 2.0 with for podcasting!

The latest version of RSSeditor/Win supports the -tag which is used to create podcasting feeds. A simple dialog lets you add the URL of the enclosure file, the program tries to determine file size and mime type of the remote file automatically.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The thorough support in terms of step-by-step guides available from guides, and also the fact that their editor will run not only on Windows but Unix and Mac as well make it specially useful and popular, too, so we can surely hope this site to become the next killer startup.

Some Questions About

The great popularity of this site has built it as a large provider of RSS feeds, however they do not charge for it, and they are aware of the fact that there is a lot of competition out there, so it seems reasonable to wonder if they will be able to survive on generous donations