Fans Keep Their Favorite Stars In The Spotlights On rSitez

There’s a reason People magazine has such a huge readership – we love celebrities.


Don’t fool yourself, we absolutely do. We’re fascinated by who they are, where they came from, everything they do, what they’re like out of the spotlight… we can’t get enough.




While the Internet has certainly provided lots of content to fuel our fandom, content has remained scattered online. There’s curiously been a lack of a unifying site that makes it as easy as possible to indulge our curiosity and obsessions.


Meet rSitez, a free fan site where fans can discover all that they care to about their favorite celebrities.


That goes for artists, actors and actresses, athletes, musicians and celebrities of all stripes. rSitez contains profiles and content for celebrities worldwide, “making it the largest fan site online with the most combined digital content.”


If you’re looking for photos, rSitez has the goods. The same holds true for videos, news, comments, events and more digital content related to celebrities.


Celebrities wouldn’t exist without fans of course, so rSitez also serves as a social platform for fans to find one another and share their passions.


In case you weren’t paying attention to baseball recently, the Chicago Cubs just won their first championship in over 100 years. Seemingly everyone wanted to share in the celebration, and the championship rally was one of the largest gatherings of any kind.


That’s the scope of fun that rSitez looks to host, for all kinds of fans to come together online and celebrate the people and stories that they find inspiring. Simply put, “it’s the largest fan site in the world.” No need to wait a century, The good times keep rolling on rSitez.


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