Rrove.com – Social Bookmarks For Places

Rrove.comRrove can be described as a social project that enables users to keep, share and discover new places of interest. The site gives anybody the wherewithal to save as many addresses as he wishes so that he can revisit these places later on.

Moreover, Rrove enables users not only to make his locations public but also to write reviews that can be read be everybody.

That is why the site can be dubbed as a “social bookmark for places” – it empowers anybody to come across interesting locations as recommended by other site users.

In actuality, the term “places” is an all-encompassing one, and it includes shops, restaurants and venues of every denomination.

For its part, the main page of the site includes a list of places that have been added recently to the online database. As it was to be expected, the most popular places are prominently highlighted for you to take notice immediately.

At the end of the day, Rrove is the perfect spot for those who are bitten by wanderlust and can’t wait to pack up and set off into the distance. These individuals are more than likely to find this resource fulfilling. And the rest of us will welcome having such a window into faraway places we might never visit in person.

Rrove.com In Their Own Words

“Rrove lets you keep, share and discover places. Save addresses so you can easily revisit them. Make your locations public and write reviews for your friends. Find new and interesting places recommended by others.”

Why Rrove.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a useful social service that caters for people the world over.

Some Questions About Rrove.com

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