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RoyalSurf.comRoyalSurf is a free traffic building system based on traffic exchange. Theoretically, you can increase your site traffic by the thousands, simply by signing up.

How it works: you visit other members’ sites and they visit yours. The more sites you visit, the more traffic will come your way. Basically you’re surfing for numbers. RoyalSurf also throws in a bit of entertainment and challenge into the mix. You can compete against other members and join teams to earn traffic bonuses and prizes. There are personal points and Kingdome points—these come into play only once you’ve qualified for the Joust tournament. Personal points are points you’ve earned on your own. Kingdom points are all the points earned by the citizens of a kingdom. Prizes are given out on a weekly basis. Signing up will only take you about five minutes, and again it’s all totally free. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to RoyalSurf, a unique and essential traffic building tool that can drive thousands of visitors to your website daily! No matter what your traffic needs, if you’re looking for new customers and more sales, RoyalSurf has your answer. Sign up now for FREE, and in less than 5 minutes your site can start receiving a steady flow of potential customers!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

RoyalSurf injects some fun into getting vital traffic. It seems easy enough to implement and it’s free.

Some Questions About

Does it really work? How much traffic can a site really get? Is it worth the effort?

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