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Rownine.comPeople who love shopping online can’t really complain – they have so many deal of the day websites and sample sales resources available that any item they might look for will be findable for sure. Some might take longer than others to be found, but the WWW is so encompassing that it all boils down to a matter of patience, and knowing where to look.

But if you want to take a different approach and have bargains put your way then this site will be just what you need. It has a notable feature – these deals that are presented to you are kept as relevant as possible. This is accomplished by having you set down your tastes and preferences in a very minute way. You will be able to specify your favorite brands and the exact kind of items you like and from that point onwards the company’s intelligent matching engine will do the rest.

Besides, you can set down the frequency of messages and updates from the company as well as the contact method. This means that if you want to have an email delivered weekly in which products that match a very specific criteria only are listed then you will be able to have it like that. And you can also be contacted in other ways such as SMS, or even Facebook. In Their Own Words

“RowNine is pleased to introduce you to a better way to shop for premium brands and services at awesome prices.

RowNine was conceived out of our desire to provide shoppers with great offers on cool products and out of our frustration with the amount of email (dare we say spam) that we receive every day. So we said “enough already” and began to create a service to allow shoppers to customize their shopping experience.

RowNine is a more intelligent shopping service that understands what you’re interested in and sends you compelling, time sensitive offers for cool products. We use our Intelligent Offer Matching Engine (IOME) to deliver targeted and compelling offers to you from our network of brands and distributors.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Platforms like this one (IE, platforms that make for more specificity) are a natural evolution of the concept of online shopping.

Some Questions About

How successful can this really become?

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