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Rovion.comLooking to attract more people to your website? Not sure how to do it? Or looking to make your site’s tour much more interesting? Then check out this site. Rovion is a company that provides web publishers, advertisers, media organizations and business users’ excellent online media solutions.

Their latest offering is InPerson, giving websites a chance of being live through a persuasive and effective 20 second video message which are perfect for site tours, ads, homepage welcomes, etc. It works with all industry-standard operating systems and web browsers allowing you to reach a wide audience, and it also comes with password protected access so you can check out how many times the video was played, how many clicks were made, pauses, etc. With this out-of-the-box streaming video message you will probably increase response rates, recognition, retention, and revenues. Rovion also provides hosting for all of your InPerson content, production assistance where you’ll get expert help for your scripts, hiring talent, and also shooting the video.