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RouteYou.comA solution that is free and open to any person who wishes to use it, RouteYou is a site that aims to make finding the perfect route for enjoying the landscape and relaxing an easy an interactive task. The website actually encompasses a series of tools that as a whole make this main objective come true.


These include one entitled “RouteViewer” that (as its names suggests) showcases routes one by one, and lets the user print the information for offline reference or accommodate it in a digital fashion for navigation purposes, and another named “RoutePlanner”. The latter allows users to come up with their very own routes. Of course, the site makes for sharing these by way of the provided groups. So far, groups from several European territories like Germany and France are the ones with more adepts.

As it is pointed out online, the ones who employ a system like this (IE, tourists and those who enjoy the contact with nature) want to take the most suitable and relaxing route. If you are looking for the shortest or fastest route around you should look elsewhere.

By way of conclusion, whether you want to go hiking, bicycling or biking, visiting this site beforehand to ensure everything goes according to plan is not a bad idea. Set your browser at and start mapping out. In Their Own Words

“The website offers the end-users a seletiction of routes and a set of tools such as the RouteViewer to explore the routes in an interactive way. The user can print routes or download routes in a digital (navigation) format.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who enjoy the outdoors are bound to make the best out of such a solution.

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Which countries are not supported yet, and should be supported as soon as possible?

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