Round ‘Em Up: How To Increase Traffic

Building a new business can be exhilarating and fun and each step of the way should be met with that passion. Just putting all of the pieces together won’t get things off and running so reaching out to that consumer base and increasing your web traffic needs to be a big point of interest.

A cool site with all the bells and whistles doesn’t automatically show up on everyone’s computer so finding out ways to increase that traffic will only benefit all of the hard work you have done.


How to Increase Traffic with Content


The first step is that your content needs to be worth people’s time. Traffic will not stay constant if there is nothing that keeps people coming back, so dedicate a good amount of time to really putting together work of substance that you know will keep attention on your material. It can be daunting to try and keep a creative mind open and flowing while trying to increase traffic through promotion, so keep the good ideas coming until you have a solid foundation to pull from.

How to Increase Traffic with Promotion


The other focus, of course, is the actual promotion. This requires the same dedication that your creative content had, so put away the drawing board for a little while and really dive into this side of the job.


There are many ways to get the word out about what you are doing, so take a swing at all of them, but don’t tire yourself out or cut yourself short with all of your eggs in one basket.

  1. Guest Posting – One clever way to get the word out is piggy-backing with guest posting. Other brands really like new content and a good repertoire between the two could form as well so it’s a two-way street. The loyal crowds for them just might really dig what you are dishing out, and you have kept everybody happy.
  2. Paying for It – Shelling out a few bucks for traffic from powerhouses like Facebook or StumbleUpon doesn’t hurt either as long as you keep it within reason. People are on these sites to find new things and entertain themselves and you might just be what they were looking for.


Letting the work you do speak for itself is good, but pushing yourself out there is better. You just need to get them looking and these platforms are a quick and reliable way to do so.


Use these ideas to create a real promotional strategy. See what is working and act on it. Push hard to make these things keep working for you and never get complacent with just a few added numbers to your traffic.


Make it a daily task to check the “fishing lines” to see if your fan bases are taking the bait. If it is paying a few bucks that seems to be working, give yourself a budget to keep this promotional strategy alive and continually working for you.


Keep an eye out for new platforms that can keep up your promotion evolving with the market, and every now and then just be a consumer yourself and follow the masses to get a better idea of what the trends are.


Be on top of killer content and strategic promotion and watch the numbers go up. Stay alert to what the people want and then give them just what they are asking for!




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