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Rotaville.comA new Internet tool for managing workplace rotas, rosters and staff schedules, Rotaville will have the needs of managers covered in just every sense. They will be able to schedule shifts using a drag and drop interface, and have all the necessary notifications and reminders sent out at once. Plus, the application makes for tracking the availability of employees, and for handling their holiday requests once they have sent them in.


And it is also important to mention that both a mobile site and an iPhone app are available, and that they make for arranging staff and shifts as easily as you could imagine. If an employee has to cancel a shift at the last minute (either because he became sick, or something bad happened to someone he holds dear) then you will be able to have that slot covered right away, no matter where you are or what you are actually doing.

Plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes are already available. Even the largest companies around will get something out of Rotaville – as much as five rotas and 1000 employees can be tracked. And a free account is also provided, and although it is severely limited in terms of features it will come in handy for testing purposes. In Their Own Words

Free shift scheduling software.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is cheaper than other software applications that do mostly the same.

Some Questions About

What about other smartphones? Are they going to be supported to the same degree as iPhones?

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